[jdom-interest] Please make a release...

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Thu Jun 7 13:49:02 PDT 2001

> Do we really need to do beta releases at this stage? It seems to me 
> they just confuse people. A developer goes to the JDOM home page, 
> downloads the latest beta, finds a bug, spends a day isolating fixing 
> it, submits a patch or a solid report, only to be told "We aren't 
> going to listen to you because you're not using the CVS version."
> If we aren't going pay any attention to bugs reported against a beta, 
> then I don't think we should publish betas. Instead we should post 
> the latest daily build on the site, but not label anything as a beta 
> until we're ready to commit to it.

Here's where beta's have been useful to me.  If I have a client that agrees
to using beta code, I then setup my test plan as normal and use the listed
beta version.  The release then depends on the version.  I can update the
code to a new beta version and pass my tests against that.  There is no way
to update the code to the "CVS version on 6/8/2001" and expect a client to
be able to reproduce that release.

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