[jdom-interest] Bug in JDOMSource or maybe SAXoutputter.

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Fri Jun 8 03:14:13 PDT 2001


The bugs seem to be in SAXOutputter that lacks two things regarding namespace 
handling in SAX:
1. Namespace declarations for attributes are not reported as 
start/endPrefixMapping events.
2. Namespace declarations for attributes are not reported as "xmlns:..." 

Xalan actually relies on this second feature of the SAX parsers to handle 

Attached is a patch to SAXOutputter that fixes both problems.
I had to add a new method to SAXOutputter (setReportNamespaceDecl()) because 
reporting namespaces as xmlns attribute shall only occur if the 
"namespace-prefixes" SAX feature is set to true.
I updated the SAX feature support in JDOMSource to make use of the new method.

Jason, can you validate and merge these changes ? I also updated JDOMResult to 
complete the move from contrib to core (javadoc and FEATURE changes).


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