[jdom-interest] Searching a XML document using XPath

Karin Stella Mogensen - SilverStream kmogensen at silverstream.com
Fri Jun 8 04:08:32 PDT 2001

I need to be able to search a JDom document for elements with specific
names, attributes, etc. My problem is that the elements and attributes may
or may not belong to a namespace, and I want to be able to find e.g. all
elements with a given name regardless of namespaces. 

Is this at all possible using XPath?

I've tried to use the Werken & Sons implementation. And I have testet the
XPath expressions using the XPath tester from FiveSight Technologies, Inc.
But both require that the elements either have no namespace or that the
namespace is given as part of the XPath.

Karin Mogensen
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