[jdom-interest] JDOM questions

Stefan ALBOI sbll at ss.pub.ro
Fri Jun 8 13:31:11 PDT 2001

1. In Namespace specification for doctypedecl the Name in XML
Recommendation is replaced by QName. JDOM's DocType doesn't support
it. Why?

2. I see the new setAttributes method and I see it's not fully implemented
yet. I think that besides verifying attributes are all parentless you
should also check for duplicated attributes in the list. Will you?

3. Why deprecate addAttribute? Wouldn't both setAttribute and addAttribute
be useful? addAttribute could throw an exception in case of duplicate
attribute. I think in any case somebody has to do the checking and it
better be the API then the developer (call first getAttribute and if null
call setAttribute).

4. Where can I find an XML document which makes heavy use of namespaces
(about 1MB and up to 5MB)?

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