[jdom-interest] can you consider this for commitment?

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Jun 12 07:02:33 PDT 2001

>I think there is a real need to support arbitary text strings.
>I understand that I could parse my perfectly valid XSL string and break it
>out to "spoon feed" it to JDom.  This just feels wrong to me.  For example,
>if I had a valid XML document, would you require a programmer to parse it
>themselves and build a jdom manually for the document?  This is the same


>Many websites have their content in a database.  To build a JDom object
>using this content would necessitate parsing the content and manually
>building up the dom, when their content already is valid xml.

Yes. This is the proper behavior. XML is XML and should be treated as XML.

>This is NOT a simple case of string cancatenation.  My document is built
>from many different sources.  It is built from calculated values, database
>data and XSL.  I am "properly" using JDom for the majority of my document.
>However, the content of the generated page is stored in a database.  It is a
>valid XSL text.  I think allowing arbitary text strings would be of
>tremendouse benefit.

I disagree.

>In regard to the previous points:
>I don't understand why it is a compliment that JDom does not allow this
>usage.  I thought the premise of JDom was to make it easier for the

This would make it more difficult for the programmer by allowing 
malformed documents as well as by complicating the currently very 
simple model.

>In regard to SaxOutputter and DomOutputter, I will fix these classes so that
>they properly output the unescaped text.  XMLOutputter is already done.

Probably a waste of time. I can't foresee these getting added to the 
official distribution.

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