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Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Jun 12 09:58:07 PDT 2001

The following issue was sent to JSR-102 comments (not really the proper


Dear Sir / Madam,
I just started using JDOM beta 6 a couple of weeks ago and have been
very impressed by it's performance and ease of use.  However, I believe
I may have found a small bug involving attribute default values.  If I
specify an attribute with a default value in the DTD, and use the
corresponding element in a document but without specifying a value for
the attribute, then the attribute does not appear in the element's list
of attributes.  So for example, if I have the following in my DTD:
<!ELEMENT boxlayout EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST boxlayout
 container CDATA "@this"
 orientation (X_AXIS|Y_AXIS) #REQUIRED

and then use the boxlayout element in my XML document like this:

<boxlayout orientation="X_AXIS"/>

I don't see the "container" attribute in the list of attributes when I
do the following:

List attributes = element.getAttributes();

whereas, I believe it should be present in the List with its default
value of "@this".
I hope this is helpful, however please accept my apologies for wasting
your time if you are already aware of this issue.
Kind regards,
Bart Read
Senior Developer
Abbotsbury Software Ltd
Abbotsbury, DORSET DT3 4JT
Tel: +44 (0) 1305 871644
E-mail: bart at wdi.co.uk

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