[jdom-interest] Upcoming beta7

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Jun 13 12:26:47 PDT 2001

Hi everyone,

As discussed last week, we're due for another beta.  Lots of
improvements have been made since beta6, and we should share them with
people who don't want to track the daily builds.

I'd hoped to get the FilterList functionality into beta7.  Jools
delivered a working implementation of FilterList over the weekend and
I've been experimenting with it.  It appears to work fine, but there are
some design issues I want to examine (about how to write/create the
filters) and in thinking about it these last two days I'd rather cut a
beta7 with the existing code and work on the FilterList design right
away afterward.

If you have any issues you believe are showstoppers that absolutely must
be addressed before beta7, please forward them on to me.  In the
meanwhile, I'll be looking over the outstanding issues (including the
things currently in my inbox) to make sure everything's either fixed or
listed in the TODO.  Then I'll build a release candidate and I'll ask
you all do some testing with your apps to make sure there are no
regressions from beta6.


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