[jdom-interest] JDOM and VAJ353

Fred Clewis clewisf at us.ibm.com
Fri Jun 15 11:03:21 PDT 2001

Philip, Guy,
thanks for the pointer, I still have some dificulty with the FAQ procedure,
I would like to elaborate on what I'm doing to see if you see the problem:
     Environment:  NT40sp6a VAJ353 EE
            1.Change workspace owner to Administrator
                      2.Create open edition of the project 'IBM XML Parser
for Java'
          <I add feature  'IBM XML Parser for Java' version 2.0.15, create
open edition>
                      3.Delete all the packages that contain org.w3c.*
          <only one exists by this name: org.w3c.dom, I delete it>
                      4.Version the project.
          <I version it>
                      5.Create a new Project for DOM Level 2 parser such as
          <I create new project>
                      6.Import all Xerces classes including org.w3c.*
interfaces (you can use a
                         completly different project for those interfaces
if you want to work with other
          < I go to IBM AlphaWorks site and get IBM XML Parser for Java
XML4J-3_1_1 binaries,
          it is DOM level 2 now.  It contains: xerces.jar and xml4j.jar.  I
only import xerces.jar, I import all classes in the          jar.  I
complains that org.xml.sax which was in the  'IBM XML Parser for Java'
version 2.0.15 is versioned.
                              I have tied various combinations of 1.
letting it overwrite it 2. not letting it overwirite it 3. also deleting
the .sax.           out of step 3.  Sometimes, I follow the rest of the
steps and can get everything imported without error, but the           jar
my application produces gets null pointer errors it didn't use to get at
runtime. >
                      7.Version the Xerces project
                      8.Create a JDOM project and import jdom classes into
it. Version the project
thanks again,
Fred Clewis

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