[jdom-interest] Custom XML outputter

Krishnan Anantheswaran krishnan_anantheswaran at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 15 17:13:22 PDT 2001


This is my first post in this list so please excuse me
if I'm asking a question that should be addressed

I would like to implement a custom XML outputter
subclassed from XMLOutputter for some strange reasons
of my own. In essence, I want to reuse the standard
methods of XMLOutputter as much as possible and only
override the specific portions I need. 

The outputter class is very well-designed in that it
has various protected methods at the granularity I
want to override them at. 

The problem is that if I want to override the
printElement, printElementContent methods etc. I
cannot do this since NamespaceStack is not a public
class and I can't get access to it.

Currently I worked around this issue by changing the
source to make NamespaceStack a public class and
recompiling my private version of jdom.jar (and things
work very well indeed).

For obvious reasons I don't want to perform such
hacks. Is there any possibility that the
NamespaceStack class can be made public in a future
release? Is it the intent of the JDOM designers to let
developers subclass the XMLOutputter?


Krishnan Anantheswaran
Vitalect Inc.

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