[jdom-interest] Xalan 1.3.1 source...

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Jun 15 20:02:42 PDT 2001

Per Kreipke wrote:
> - You renamed the JAR you distribute as Xalan.jar, dropping the version
> number. However, I got the version number from the readme you included:
> "This is Xalan 1.3p, distributed from http://xml.apache.org. It also comes
> with the JAXP 1.1 Reference Implementation available at
> http://java.sun.com/xml."
> - You say you just downloaded the binary from
> http://xml.apache.org/dist/xalan-j/. Please excuse my stupidity if it is
> there, but I can find no link to any version between 1.2.2 and 2.0 at either
> the URL you gave, or the 'old' directory off of there. Unless you tell me
> that 1.3p is actually some other version number. If so, please enlighten me.

Per, you're probably beyond this issue by now, but I'm cleaning out old
email tonight, and it suddenly occured to me that I got the Xalan JAR
from the JAXP RI.  Unfortunately, that may make it hard/impossible to
find the true source.

I didn't rename the jar, btw.  It came as xalan.jar 

C:/download 812 % unzip -l jaxp-1_1.zip | grep jar
 187162  02-06-01  21:42   jaxp-1.1/crimson.jar
 801714  02-06-01  21:43   jaxp-1.1/xalan.jar
  28404  02-06-01  21:43   jaxp-1.1/jaxp.jar


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