[jdom-interest] moving namespaces up

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Jun 15 17:13:49 PDT 2001


The outputter knows well enough not to output the decl again if it's
already somewhere up the tree.


Vladimir Grishchenko wrote:
> Hello,
> Here is a dumb question but I need this functionality for my project.
> I looked briefly at JDOM api and couldn't find a way to do the following:
> Say, I have an XML doc stored as:
> <root>
>    <A:child1 xmlns:A="FOO:"/>
>    <B:child2 xmlns:B="BAR:"/>
> </root>
> I read it in via SAXBuilder and I want it to be outputted as:
> <root xmlns:A="FOO:" xmlns:B="BAR:">
>   <A:child1/>
>   <B:child2/>
> <root/>
> Basically I need all namespace declarations to be moved up, possibly
> changing prefix names if there's any prefix name collisions.
> What else I can do aside from subclassing Element or Document and writing my
> own method to do that?
> This question comes from the need to integrate the product I'm working on
> with some other tool which is not able to recognize that child1 actually is
> in namespace FOO: and child2 is in namespace BAR: unless namespaces are
> defined
> somewhere up in the tree.
> Thanks and regards,
> --V.
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