[jdom-interest] XMLOutputter behavior

guru at stinky.com guru at stinky.com
Sat Jun 16 08:50:06 PDT 2001

So I'm devising test cases for XMLOutputter and I've already come
across a bug or two.  XP rocks.  (And I'm not talking about Windows

Instead of just fixing these bugs the way I see fit, I thought I'd
post what the current behavior is, and what I think it should be.

One problem is, the default (no-frills) XMLOutputter outputs a newline
at the very end of the document.  But the Javadoc says it adds *no*
line breaks.  I'd like to change it so it outputs no trailing newline.
Is anyone depending on that final line break?

I'll post more questions as replies to this thread as I find them.

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