[jdom-interest] JDOM and VAJ353

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Tue Jun 19 06:32:43 PDT 2001

> 1.  VAJ353 ships with XML Parser for Java 2.0.15.  It only has one
> org.w3c.* and I delete it. Step 6 says: Import all Xerces 
> classes including
> org.w3c.* interfaces.  Does this mean:
>      A. Import all classes in the xerces.jar even if they are in an
> org.w3c.* package. (sax stuff overlays XML4J)
> or
>      B. Import only the org.w3c.* packages

My approach is slightly different.  Instead of deleting from the xml4j
project, create a DOM project and then move the org.w3c.* packages to that
project.  Then version it so you know you have the DOM level 1 classes
there.  Then when you import xerces, the org.w3c classes will go there
instead.  Version that as well as DOM level 2.  I would also version the
xml4j project to make it easy to recreate this setup if you ever use the
built in "feature" feature which may attempt to put the original xml4j back
on the desktop.

> 2.  I have also started using the xerces.jar shipped with JDOM beta 6
> instead of the Alphaworks 311 version. Is that good?

I would get and download xerces 1.4 but the version in the jdom download
should be good as well.  It depends more on other things you are trying to

Don't forget to update your classpaths when your done with all this.  I
think the DOM project makes most sense on the workspace classpath.

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