[jdom-interest] Removing getSerializedForm from TODO.txt

guru at stinky.com guru at stinky.com
Tue Jun 19 08:41:37 PDT 2001

I just scanned the archives and it seems the getSerializedForm debate
has been resolved.  The current behavior -- deprecate and later remove
all getSerializedForm methods, have a toString() that prints
debugging-worthy output -- is just fine.  Can we remove the following
line from TODO.txt?

* Determine if getSerializedForm() should be brought back and implemented
  to call XMLOutputter.outputString() methods.

My opinion is, people should know about XMLOutputter, and if they
don't, then adding getSerializedForm is just going to be another
obstacle to learning about it.  Once you know, there's not much
difference between

	new XMLOutputter().outputString(element)

(except that the latter opens up the possibility of configuring the
outputter before calling it).

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