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Peter Henzler phenzler at
Wed Jun 20 07:15:37 PDT 2001


I haven't found the cause for the reported mysterious validation error.

Here is what I have found so far:
- xerces 1.4.0 is neaded for proper XML-Schema validation

- I have written a class (see attachment) for validating XML with xerces

- You must use  xmlns:xsd="" .
  Usage of xmlns:xsd="" will result in
errors reported from xerces.

- JDOM can't be used for validation of xml data with schema validation. It
gives error messages where xerces says that there are no errors.

So the workaround is to use for validation a class like the attached one.

Hope this helps.
Peter Henzler

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Hi everybody

I have the same problem that John Muhlestein reportet in 'More Schema

Can anyone tell us, what we are doing wrong?
If I validate my XML and XSD Files with my editor XMLSpy there is no
validation error.

Where is the problem?
Please help!

Kind regards
Peter Henzler

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Betreff: [jdom-interest] More Schema Validation

I am in the process of converting xml validation from DTD's to Schema and I
am coming up with an error which has me stumped.


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?>
<b2b xmlns:xsi=""


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="http:/">

<xsd:element name="b2b">
      <!--more definition--> ...


**Parsing Error**
  Line: 2
  URI: .../whlsl3.xml
  Message: Element type "b2b" must be declared
Error in parsing: Error encountered

I have actually tried this with the code from Brett's book for before running it through JDOM.  Any suggestions
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