[jdom-interest] Deprecating some XMLOutputter constructors

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Wed Jun 20 14:30:10 PDT 2001

Alex -

Thanks for the writeup.  I'm not sure your algorithm will work any
better than the current one -- that is to say, it will probably have
some cases it handles very well, and others that it can't handle
without a lot of special-case hacking.  Pretty-printing is hard,
mostly because every permutation of document + programmer leads to a
different definition of "pretty" :-)

It's a little late in the game to change the XMLOutputter algorithm
wholesale.  However, if you're inspired, I'd recommend that you make a
subclass of XMLOutputter that implements things your way.  I'm pretty
sure you'd only have to override one method, printElementContent.  If
you do this, please apply the patch I posted recently, which makes
that method's internals easier to understand, or wait a few days,
since I'll be doing some more refactoring to printElementContent that
should make your job easier.

Cheers -

 - Alex

> Here's the algorithm I'd use for pretty-printing: For any element
> that has child elements, replace any text nodes that consist only of
> whitespace (or that are empty) with the necessary
> newline+indent. (In other words, we only modify whitespace-only
> mixed content nodes.) There would also be a separate option to
> normalize whitespace.

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