[jdom-interest] Not parsing entities

Todd O'Bryan tdobryan at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 21 12:42:23 PDT 2001

Is there any way to avoid parsing entities?

I'm using JDOM with Xerces, and I tried setting up an EntityResolver that 
would just parse the entity as its name, but it doesn't seem to get called 
because the EntityResolver for the underlying SAXParser is what gets used.
  (I used the setEntityResolver() method in SAXBuilder.) I suppose the 
thing to do would be to create a SAXParser, set its EntityResolver to my 
DoNothingResolver and then pass that to JDOM, but there's no SAXBuilder 
constructor that takes a SAXParser as an argument, they just take String 

This is apparently a common question on the Xerces-J list, but I've found 
no solutions there other than people suggesting changes in the input 
document (umm, the input document is the way it's supposed to be) or 
putting things in CDATA (but they're not CDATA, they're going to be parsed 
in a later pass).

Any help much appreciated.


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