[jdom-interest] DOM builder

Mika Haapakorpi mika.haapakorpi at sensor-sc.fi
Mon Jun 25 04:35:16 PDT 2001

I try to convert a jdom to dom:

org.jdom.input.DOMBuilder domBuilder = new org.jdom.input.DOMBuilder("org.jdom.adapters.XercesDOMAdapter");
org.jdom.Document jdom = domBuilder.build(dom);  

and get exception:

Exception in thread "main" org.jdom.IllegalNameException: The name "null" is not legal for JDOM/XML elements: XML names cannot be null or empty.
     at org.jdom.Element.<init>(Element.java:137)
     at org.jdom.Element.<init>(Element.java:160)
     at org.jdom.input.DOMBuilder.buildTree(DOMBuilder.java:409)
     at org.jdom.input.DOMBuilder.buildTree(DOMBuilder.java:398)
     at org.jdom.input.DOMBuilder.build(DOMBuilder.java:359)

every element in dom has a name so why this exception?

i'm using b6

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