[jdom-interest] Beta7 Release Candidate #2

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Jun 27 18:33:08 PDT 2001

I just posted to the web site JDOM 1.0 beta 7 Release Candidate #2. 
Changes since RC1:

Fixed the "build javadoc" task to work OK offline
Fixed the info.xml to say beta7
Changed getMixedContent() -> getContent()
Changed setMixedContent() -> setContent()
Changed the protected lists in Element to be List (not ArrayList)
Changed JDOMEasterEgg to JDOMAbout
Added setAttribute(String, String) and   
      setAttribute(String, String, Namespace)
Few minor bug fixes which wouldn't have been showstoppers

Get it here: http://www.jdom.org/dist/source/

It's also marked with the CVS tag "jdom_1_0_b7_rc2".

If I don't hear any issues, this will be final.


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