[jdom-interest] Cloning Elements (help)

Owens, Matthew J matthew.owens at gs.com
Wed Jun 27 15:01:46 PDT 2001


I'm trying to take a root element of one document and embed it (and all it's
children) into another XML document using JDOM. The process does work but it
has the side effect of exposing all the elementID/type/version attributes,
note this is not the case for the elements which have not been transferred
(e.g. TagE/AutoCommit).

The code called the clone() method of the original NOE element to make a
copy to embed in this document.

Any ideas about how to switch off this behaviour ?

Thanks In Advance


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<NOE elementID="F54477F5" type="F54477F5" version="1">
		<TagA elementID="D9A8BF02" type="66AD3D18"
		<GenInfo elementID="654CA5A1" type="B8B7F101" version="1">
			<TagB elementID="B11B7B61" type="A761C7D1"
			<TagC TradeRef elementID="74FEA855" type="A761C7D1"
		<TagD elementID="1A6A88D1" type="integer"

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