[jdom-interest] (Line feed when using addContent(Element)) || (writing directly in a XML file)

Jm Seigneur seigneuj at tcd.ie
Thu Jun 28 07:58:07 PDT 2001


I'd like to add an element in a xml file.
I've used :
Element newElement = new Element("deviceName");
It works but I would like to put a line feed after the </deviceName>.
In fact I get that:
and I would like:
Can someone give me a hint?

Another question:
Is it possible to write directly this change to my XML file without
buffering the whole
XML content first, making my change and rewriting the result over the last
content of the file?
Since I change only a small bit of the XML file, is there a way to only
update this part in the file ?



Jean-Marc Seigneur
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