WG: [jdom-interest] Beta7 Release Candidate #2

Nestel, Frank frank.nestel at coi.de
Thu Jun 28 02:27:33 PDT 2001


I'm still using a homebrewed subclass of JDOMs SAXOutputter
to generate SAX events in the particular way I need them
(Finally I had to join that list).

To keep me from patching JDOM sources I'd vote for having the
handler members of SAXOutputter protected instead of private.
I do not see an argument not to do it?


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> An: JDOM Interest
> Betreff: [jdom-interest] Beta7 Release Candidate #2
> I just posted to the web site JDOM 1.0 beta 7 Release Candidate #2. 
> Changes since RC1:
> Fixed the "build javadoc" task to work OK offline
> Fixed the info.xml to say beta7
> Changed getMixedContent() -> getContent()
> Changed setMixedContent() -> setContent()
> Changed the protected lists in Element to be List (not ArrayList)
> Changed JDOMEasterEgg to JDOMAbout
> Added setAttribute(String, String) and   
>       setAttribute(String, String, Namespace)
> Few minor bug fixes which wouldn't have been showstoppers
> Get it here: http://www.jdom.org/dist/source/
> It's also marked with the CVS tag "jdom_1_0_b7_rc2".
> If I don't hear any issues, this will be final.
> -jh-
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