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Markus Bernhardt mbernhardt at swsgmbh.de
Fri Jun 29 06:08:41 PDT 2001


Please read my mail to the list from Tuesday, 19:36
title: [jdom-interest] Event enabled classes
I think the subclasses are quite complete.

To Do
- subclass PartialList / FilterList to fire events
- look for bugs
- code models, like
    TreeModel, TableModel, TableColumnModel, ListSelectionModel ....
- THINK ABOUT BUBBLING (How to implement, where to use,..)
- ....

Guillaume Pothier wrote:

> Hi !
> Well yes I am interested in joining efforts. I wrote a lot of code yesterday
> and now I need to test it ; if it works then I think I am almost done with
> events. Here is roughly the strategy I used : I wrote an ActiveElement
> Element subclass that use an ActiveList class instead of classic ArrayLists
> for the attributes and content field. The ActiveList is simply a list that
> can have listeners. I also wrote an ActiveAttribute Attribute subclass. So I
> can add DataListeners to an ActiveElement and the listener is notified
> whenever something changes.
> What strategy are you using ?

Think we have the same strategy.
Have you thought about directing events not only to registered listeners,
but also to the parent (Bubbling). At the moment my classes don't support

> Yours,
> Guillaume Pothier

- markus
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