[jdom-interest] Basic Questions

Ian Lea ian.lea at blackwell.co.uk
Fri Jun 29 12:58:55 PDT 2001

You just need to put jdom.jar (not jdk11.jar since you aren't using java 1.1)
somewhere where your programs can find it.  Where is entirely up
to you.  I tend to have a lib/ directory for each project that I work
on and put jdom.jar (along with stuff like xerces.jar) in there and
set the classpath to include everything in that directory. Works for me.
Some people put them in the standard extensions directory, jre/lib
or whatever.

Don't know about Forte.

ian.lea at blackwell.co.uk

Mark Galbreath wrote:
> I just read Jason's JavaWorld articles, his Enterprise Java 2000 PowerPoint presentation, downloaded beta 7 and built it, subscribed to this interest group, looked through the archives, searched the jdom.org site, and still I cannot find any information on integrating the jdom.jar and(?) jdom-jdk11.jar file(s) into J2SE 1.3.1 and/or J2SDKEE 1.3.  I would really appreciate you guys giving me a clue.
> Do I just stick it/them in the lib directory/ies?  Do I leave them where ant put them and just map them to my classpath?  Does Forte 3.0 support the API (yet)?
> Thanks, and cheers!
> Mark

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