[jdom-interest] Getting Started...and stalled by SAXBuilder error. Help?

Jake Latham jlatham at rockysoft.com
Fri Jun 29 13:27:22 PDT 2001

As well as I understand it (which may be rather shaky), I'm pretty sure it
is.  When say "set classpath" from the command line, I get
"C:\Java\jre\lib\ext\jdom.jar;"...and so on, so it claims it's there. It
finds it compiling OK.

This code is being executed as an applet from internet explorer - is there a
setting for Explorer's Java VM runtime?  I'll see if I can't find something
like that in the registry, and if I do, I'll post it here for archive's


> I'd say it HAS to be because jdom.jar isn't being found at runtime.
> Are you absolutely, completely, positive it is in the classpath
> used at runtime?

> Exception occurred during event dispatching:
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jdom/input/SAXBuilder
>  at applets/VITPanel.checkForNodeClicked (vitpanel.java:373)
> ...
> JAVA_HOME = C:\Java
> amming\Shout3D\Shout3d_runtime\codebase;
> I know it must be something related to the path information, but I don't
> really know what it is - can you help me out?
> Thanks a bunch,
> -J

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