[jdom-interest] Problem with XSL Trasnformation

Miguel Angel Medina Lopez mamedina at logic-factory.com
Sat Jun 30 03:28:31 PDT 2001


I'm working with JDOM beta7 and use it to transform my XML documents. The
problem is that if I define entities in the XSL document the next exception
is thrown:

         org.jdom.JDOMException: XSLT Transformation failed: Parameter
entity references must not appear within markup declarations in the internal
DTD  subset.

An I define the entities with the next code:

<!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet[
  <!ENTITY nbsp "&#160;">
  <!ENTITY copy "&#169;">
  <!ENTITY aacute "&#225;">
  <!ENTITY eacute "&#233;">
  <!ENTITY iacute "&#237;">
  <!ENTITY oacute "&#243;">
  <!ENTITY aacute "&#250;">

The error is very strange because if I delete some lines form the XSL
document the entities works fine.

Can somebody help me.

Miguel Ángel Medina López
Logic Factory: www.logic-factory.com
Granada - España

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