[jdom-interest] Using XPath expressions with Jdom

Enzo Maggi enzo at mandrakesoft.com
Thu Mar 1 02:35:49 PST 2001

Venu Nair wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently using jdom beta6. I am trying to use XPAth expressions to
> extract elements from the XML.
> I found a link to following website http://code.weken.com/xpath which
> talks about the xpath implementation
> on top of jdom
> Is this the correct and official way to use xpath with jdom.
> Also I could not find any sample examples using xpath.
> Has anybody had any experience with this. Could you give me some sample
> code?


I'm currently using werken.xpath together with jdom, and it works just
I've written a simple swing application that shows an xml file into a
JTree, with an JEditField in which you can type an XPath expression. The
nodes that match that expression shows up selected (usefull to debug
your xpath expressions, expecially if you're using xsl...)
If someone is interested, let me know; it's a short application but not
*that short* to be sent as an attachement.


P.S. GPL, of course

--  Enzo Maggi  -  Mandrakesoft

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