[jdom-interest] creating xml file fromjava object?

Enzo Maggi enzo at mandrakesoft.com
Tue Mar 6 03:02:44 PST 2001

Corcos Igal wrote:
> I have a similar request...
> Essentially I have to parse an XML file, and then generate a new one based
> on the requests and the values I received in the first one.
> i.e. XML Requests -> process requests -> XML Response
> Can anyone suggest an approach to do this?  Should the XML requests be
> transformed into java objects first? Does anyone know of any examples of
> this type of processing?

There is a number of ways to do this.
Apart from the classical ones (xsl, jdom parsing + outputters), take a
look at some project from enhydra: 
- the zeus project (http://zeus.enhydra.org) 
- the xmlc compiler (http://xmlc.enhydra.org/) (a tool that "compiles"
xml and html files into java classes).

...well maybe Brett can explain them better :-)


--  Enzo Maggi  -  Mandrakesoft

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