[jdom-interest] HTML markup

Bruce Altner baltner at hq.nasa.gov
Tue Mar 6 16:31:04 PST 2001


The data I'm capturing in one of my XML elements has embedded HTML markup 
in it, e.g., <a href="..."</a> for hyperlinks. This is necessary since 
these links don't always occur in the same place and it's impossible to 
break them out into separate <url></url> elements.

Anyway, this behaves fine in the re-rendering to HTML using the XSLT 
construct <xsl:copy-of select="..."> rather than <xsl:value-of 
select="...">, giving active links in the transformed page. Great. But JDOM 
( using the getTextTrim() method of Element) chokes on "<" and ">" in the 
servlet I'm using to edit the content. When I substitute &lt; for "<" and 
&gt; for ">" the editing servlet works fine but now the HTML page shows the 
markup after XSLT processing.

Is there a method within the JDOM API to pull content without dropping 
these characters?

Thanks in advance.


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