[jdom-interest] generated uml webpage

Matthew MacKenzie matt at xmlglobal.com
Tue Mar 6 19:21:34 PST 2001

I generated that documentation using Together Control Panel.  You can 
download a free version of the tool, but it does not output the UML or do 
the documentation.  The tool is quite expensive, so I suggest you take the 
time to go through an evaluation cycle.

What is cool is that it uses CSS, so you can customize the look of the docs 
to your company's color scheme.



<<| message from: msew <msew at ev1.net> |>>
at:  http://www.jdom.org/docs/uml/
> there is a generated uml page (ala javaodc)  and probably the kewlest 
> i have seen this week.
> How was it generated?  Which modeling package?  And where can I get said 
> modeling package?
> thanks!!!
> msew
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