[jdom-interest] jdom & xalan

Paul Walk p.walk at unl.ac.uk
Wed Mar 7 02:17:21 PST 2001

you're right - it would have helped to have attached the two
files - I've attached them to this message.
In the meantime, I'll keep experimenting!


Scott_Boag at lotus.com wrote:
> > Whereas this does not:
> > <code>
> >          SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder(false);
> >         DOMSource domSource = new DOMSource(new
> > DOMOutputter().output(builder.build(new
> > File("birds.xml"))));
> It would help to have 'birds.xml' to diagnose this problem, and maybe
> 'birds.xsl'.  If you send these to me, one interesting experiment I could
> run is to run it with a Xerces DOM (you can do this on the command line
> using the -flavor d2d option), to see if the problem is with the DOM
> representation or a mismatch between the way JDOM represents the xml as a
> DOM and the way that the DOM is "classically" built from XML.
> Frankly, I've not yet run Xalan with the JDOM DOM adapter (my bad).  If you
> bug me enough, I'll probably download it and give it a try, but I'm pretty
> backed up right now.
> I would suspect the problem to be with a) whitespace handling, b) multiple
> adjacent text nodes, or c) something with namespace handling.
> -scott
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