[jdom-interest] Element.getChildren(java.lang.String name)?

Gary Bentley gb at opengroup.org
Wed Mar 7 05:16:28 PST 2001

If you are trying to find the "element" element...then you need to dig one
level down...

Element root = doc.getRootElement ("complexType");
Element el = root.getChild ("sequence").getChild ("element");

If you are using getChildren that will return a List of elements...
In that case you have to index into the List and get the element you want...

List children = root.getChildren ("sequence");
Element firstchild = (Element) children.get (0);
Element el = firstchild.getChild ("element");

Remember to check for null for the children List.

It may also be a naming problem...i.e. you could have spelled something

To get around that I use static final variables...


public class XMLDefs

    static public final String complexType = "complexType";


Then use it:

Element root = doc.getRootElement (XMLDefs.complexType);

That way the compiler will tell you if you are wrong...
It's a bit of an overhead but saves a lot of time for other problems...


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I'm having trouble accessing the the children of a specific element.
this is a fragment of the XML

<complexType name="RepositoryType">
		<element name="IRObject" type="IRObjectType"/>

by when I call Element.getChildren(complexType) it does not find this
Am i calling this method incorrectly? any help is appreciated.


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