[jdom-interest] Attribute constructor removal [eg]

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Mar 7 23:25:03 PST 2001

Here's an item hanging in the TODO that I'd like to have closure on.  In
Attribute we have the following constructors:

public Attribute(String name, String value, Namespace namespace)
public Attribute(String name, String prefix, String uri, String value)
public Attribute(String name, String value)

The parameter order of the second constructor clearly doesn't follow the
right pattern.  I'd like to propose removing the constructor
(deprecating it for one beta cycle).  I don't think it provides any real
value considering we have the first.  I doubt anyone uses it, or else we
would have gotten complaints about the order.  :-)

Rearranging parameter order is an option, but it'd cause odd problems
for people because the old and new sigs would be identical but the
behavior would change.

Any objections to its removal?


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