[jdom-interest] generated uml webpage

Michael Brennan Michael_Brennan at Allegis.com
Thu Mar 8 12:22:44 PST 2001

For those interested in checking out an interesting open source pure-Java
UML modelling tool, check out ArgoUML: http://argouml.tigris.org/

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> so on:  http://www.togethersoft.com/downloads/index.html
> they list together solo  as being able to do: All UML 
> diagrams and Web doc 
> Gen :-)
> I that what you used? :-) (ie web doc gen)   I would think 
> Together Solo 
> would be much cheaper than the Together Control Panel, but 
> sadly they don't 
> even list prices on their website (seems to imply massive cost)
> does anyone know of any opensource products that do the awesome 
> javadoc-esque uml creation?
> further (this may be off topic)  but what UML modeling 
> programs do people 
> use?   And matt, what is your experience with together (if 
> you are using it 
> now :-) )

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