[jdom-interest] Automatic encoding

Cem Karan Cem.Karan at usa.alcatel.com
Fri Mar 9 12:59:14 PST 2001

I'm fairly new to JDom so please forgive me if this is obvious.

I've been experimenting with JDom, trying to see the limits of what is
possible before if chokes or breaks down in terms of the kinds of data
that it can hold.  Thus far it has held up superbly to anything that I
threw at it, including binary data meant to simulate valid XML.  So my
question is, what kind of data is illegal?  I ask because I can see the
illegalDataException can be thrown, but I don't know what it is for. 
(In reference to the tests that I've been playing with, all I've been
using is Element.addContent(String).  That appears to be the only valid
method for what I'm doing)

Cem Karan

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