[jdom-interest] Re: JDOMException: Invalid Unicode character (0x0)

James Scott jscott at hnt.com
Sun Mar 11 05:54:27 PST 2001

You guys get the rose - I'm not quite sure what Oracle was doing, but trimming
the string before passing it to SAXBuilder fixed the problem.

Back to rokkin' it with JDOM-


GB/DEV - Philip Nelson wrote:
> >I think you're on the right track to suspect there's some extra stuff
> >past
> >the end of the document.  Maybe you need to get a valid content length
> >from
> >IFS and then clip the input to the actual length.
> I had some bad luck with Oracle either corrupting the content length or the
> data in a CLOB field. It only happened when updating the field with a
> shorter length CLOB.  I doubt this has anything to do with your problem
> except to say that suspecting Oracle is a reasonable thing to do 8^(
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