[jdom-interest] ANNOUNCE: Test release of JDOM-JS Javascript binding

Wesley Biggs wbiggs at elite.com
Tue Mar 13 11:08:38 PST 2001


I like BSF and think it's great.  Unfortunately the particular syntax that
I'm aiming at has to be implemented at the Rhino level rather than BSF to
take advantage of Javascript's natural tendency to allow variables to be
used as associative arrays.  In other languages, the syntax would have to
change.  (My initial approach was meant to work with BSF, but it required
doing just-in-time generation of dynamic proxy classes to satisfy BeanInfo
mappings, and was just too slow and difficult to mess with.)

In any case you can use JDOM from BSF (in any supported language) in general
as you have been doing, and if you plug in JDOM-JS on top of that you'll
have added convenience when using Rhino..  The problem with BSF is that it
requires a scripter to know Java conventions -- not so bad for you or me,
but more of an annoyance for an integrator who just wants to read some
values out of an XML chunk.


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Cool idea -- have you considered writing your code to BSF so that the 
bridge is available to other script languages?  I have been using JDOM 
from within an app using BSF for a while, but I am just using the 
regular JDOM api (which is awesome, don't get me wrong....if you are a 
programmer ;-)).

BSF == Bean Scripting Framework 



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