[jdom-interest] Special characters in XML?

Scott Willy cswilly at iname.com
Fri Mar 16 23:38:15 PST 2001


Thanks for the heads-up. We are using JDOM B5, so I will look at code in B6
(or in CVS if its not here).

I guess if I continue to use Attributes with 'invalid' chars, then I will
have to have a private encoding (not good).

I was thinking that even if I use a CDATA in a Element, I would still need a
private encoding for 'invalid' XML chars. So I may as well keep using


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> > Not completely. The the XMLOutputter will only escape chars
> that mess-up the
> > XML parsing. It does not encode the chars which are 'invalid' for an XML
> > document.
> JDOM actually enforces at construction time that no invalid chars are
> present in the document.
> > For example, if you set an attribute to have text with chars
> with values <
> > x020 then there is no encoding and when you reparse the file,
> your XML parse
> > will puke-up.
> It never would get to the outputter.  The Attribute constructor would
> have thrown an exception on construction with those illegal chars.  You
> may not have witnessed this because all char checks aren't yet
> implemented and the Attribute check is relatively new.
> -jh-
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