[jdom-interest] Moving Elements and elt.detach()

Kevin Baynes kbaynes at renex.com
Mon Mar 19 11:25:42 PST 2001

I have a list of Elements (e) that I am moving from one node to another. In
the JDOM FAQ it says to do it like this:

newParent.addContent( elt.detach() );

However, in JDOM b6 there is no such Element.detach() method, so I've been
looping over a list of Elements to remove and doing it like this:

otherNode.addContent( (Element)e.clone() );
List l = e.getParent().getChildren();

It seems like there should be an Element.remove() method (I intuitively
expected one to be there).

Am I missing an easier way? What happened to Element.detach()?

-Kevin Baynes

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