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Laurent ROMEO romeo at agisphere.com
Mon Mar 19 14:53:22 PST 2001


I've asked a few days ago about a problem due to DOM Level incompatibility
in the DOMBuilder class after having found a DOM document with JTidy.

I noticed the writting of an HTMBuilder was in the TODO notes.

I began the work, and here is the source file. I used the SAXBuilder class
as a template, and my dirty tricks are in it.

In fact, it's not so pretty. It's only a wrapper towards JTidy, and my
previous post and its patch is really needed...

To use it, you can write for example :

// ---------------------
File sourceFile = new File( "foo.html" );
Document htmlDocument = null;
try {
   htmlDocument = htmlBuilder.build( sourceFile );
} catch ( JDOMException e ) {      
   System.out.println( "Problem while parsing HTML file" );

I know that we should rewrite JTidy for directly generating a JDOM tree,
but it is far more complicated than what I did :-)

I hope this little code will help a few people while waiting for a better

Laurent ROMEO
romeo at agisphere.com

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