[jdom-interest] JavaWorld vs JDOM

Joseph Bowbeer jozart at csi.com
Tue Mar 20 09:57:59 PST 2001

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Fyi. Here's a copy of a message I sent to JavaWorld concerning some sloppy
reporting in their current issue:

----- original message -----

From: "Joseph Bowbeer" <jozart at csi.com>
To: <vinay.aggarwal at javaworld.com>
Subject: The Magic of Merlin


In your recent JavaWorld article you write:

    "The JDOM API will not be supported; instead, a new specification called
XML Data Binding is under development and will be shipped with Merlin. XML
Data Binding is much more powerful than JDOM; it is a combination of
powerful document definition and corresponding XML parsing and data

 The Magic of Merlin - Vinay Aggarwal

However, your claim that XML Data Binding (JSR-31) is a replacement for JDOM
(JSR-102) is wrong.  Yes, they are both Java-XML tools, and they obviously
can be compared, but one does not subsume the other.

Also, according to the Merlin Feature List available below (rev 0.65 -
1/15/2001), XML Data Binding is not among Merlin's features.


Joe Bowbeer

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