[jdom-interest] JDOM Sample Code

Thomas Singer singer at dcs-systeme.de
Wed Mar 21 01:35:03 PST 2001

Hey, that's really cool. What a pity, that a small XML-editor (not only
viewer) is too big.

Would you make this chapter available as pdf-file?


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|Hey guys-
|  I'm currently working on the second edition of my book, Java
|and XML. I'm
|revising/writing the chapter on JDOM (it's a full chapter
|now), and really
|want to think of a cool example application using JDOM. This has to be
|somewhat small in scope, and I've already done a little JTree
|that shows an
|XML document (that was using SAX, fyi), so want something
|other than that.
|Any ideas would be more than welcome... and it helps expose JDOM as the
|coolest API ;-)
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