[jdom-interest] JDOMSource and JDOMResult feedback

Scott Smith ssmith at summitlogic.com
Wed Mar 21 05:47:17 PST 2001

Feedback was requested, so here it is:

I am using the B6 code and Laurent's original code.  I am using JAXP 1.1,
SUN SDK 1.3 on RH Linux 7.  I do not use classpath, but rather put all jars
I use in the jre/lib/ext directory.

The code built with no problems.  I used Laurent's sample code in the
JavaDoc as a template for my code.  Everything is working fine.  I am doing
simple transformations on rather small XML files at this time.

I would advocate adding this the core ASAP, because it offers such a marked
improvement in TraX compatibility.  I think it's better to add it (and risk
a bug her or there) than to wait.  Maybe put a note in the JavaDoc that it
is experimental.

Thanks so much, Laurent and all those who sent me the code.

Scott P. Smith
790 Oak Trail Drive
Marietta, GA 30062

email:	ssmith at summitlogic.com

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