[jdom-interest] using crimson

Gary Bentley gb at opengroup.org
Thu Mar 22 01:40:55 PST 2001

If you get hold of the crimson.jar, jdom.jar and the jaxp.jar you can use
JDOM with the Crimson parser very easily...just set them in your CLASSPATH,
JDOM does the rest...which is cool!  I use JDOM 6 which is supposed to pick
Crimson as the default...it seems to work...

I choose Crimson over Xerces because it seemed to be quicker and much
smaller...in size!!!


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I am new to the list, although I have used jdom for about a year. I was
curious to use crimson SAX 2.0 parser for jdom, but noticed that I would
need a direct class name to use SAXBuilder. It appears this is quite
impossible with Crimson, since it uses a factory to get an instance of the
parser (the jaxp stuff).

What should I do?



.ps I was unsuccessful using the new beta SAX 2.0 parser from Oracle,
because it seems to hangup on the SVG dtd, which makes HEAVY use of

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