[jdom-interest] Validation in SAX/DOMBuilders

Van Dooren, Damian VanDoorenD at icfg.com
Thu Mar 22 04:27:55 PST 2001

I feel that validating a document should use all DTDs and Schemas it
references. After all if it won't validate against one but will the other
your DTDs/Schemas obviously don't mesh very well so you probaly need to look
at those. 

What would be nice is to have is a way to call the DTD and Schema validators
independantly, so you are able to determine which one failed.

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> Subject: [jdom-interest] Validation in SAX/DOMBuilders
> So when it comes to validation, do you (yes, you, reader...) 
> consider DTD
> validation and schema validation to be separate things, turned on
> separately? For example, when you invoke this method:
> public Document build(boolean validate);
> in SAXBuilder or DOMBuilder, and send it "true", do you expect that to
> validate both DTDs referenced AND schemas referenced? Just 
> one? Should it
> stay as is, or should it be:
> public void validateDTDs(boolean validateDTDs);
> public void validateSchemas(boolean validateSchemas);
> public Document build();
> I don't like, fyi,
> public Document build(boolean validateDTDs, boolean validateSchemas);
> too confusing...
> so what do people think?
> -Brett
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