[jdom-interest] XML file corrupted by XMLOutputer

pys at volga.fr pys at volga.fr
Tue Mar 20 00:09:24 PST 2001

Removing child element from an element using removeContent(Element e) and
then writing back to the xml file sometimes produces garbage at the end of
the file for example :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

		<texte>message 6</texte>

I couldn't figure when exactly this happens. mor often, it happens after the
third removing. But sometimes it only happens when removing the last
element, like in this example. (Not the last in the document, but the last
when all other elements have been removed, in any order.)

Of course, there is an obvious work arround which consist in making a copy
of the document without including the removed element, but this is not very

Version is Beta 6, used in a servlet, with J2SDK 1.3 and Tomcat 3.1 under
Any idea about what can be going wrong ?

Pierre-Yves Saumont
Volga Diffusion
pys at volga.fr

PS : I apologize if it happens that this message was send twice, but I had a
server problem while sending it an as I didn't get a copy back in my
mailbox, I presume it did not get through the first time.

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