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Uwe_Hale at i2.com Uwe_Hale at i2.com
Thu Mar 22 06:55:09 PST 2001

One way is to get the list of elements and add it at a particular index.
Here is some code I'm using to get around the lack of a setname method.

    public static Object changeElementName(Object obj, String name)
        Element elem = (Element)obj;
        Element parentElem = elem.getParent();

        List list = parentElem.getChildren();
        int index = list.indexOf(elem);
        list.add(index, elem.getCopy(name));
        return list.get(index);

Uwe Hale

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don't know this for sure, but is there a way to "insert" and element in a
particular order?

if I have elements:

 the beginning
 the end

And I would like to insert <b>the middle</b> in between <a> and <c>, how is
it done?



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