[jdom-interest] Error with JDom?

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Fri Mar 23 06:36:48 PST 2001

> I've tried to use the SAX parser and came up with the same 
> error.  The XML 
> file that I am trying to parse is the one I included before, 
> http://cnn.com/cnn.rss.

I was able to use the SAXBuilder correctly using Xerces.  I think you have
uncovered another empty namespace bug with DOMBuilder though.

Here is the code I used.

XMLOutputter out = new XMLOutputter("  ", true);

SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder();
Document doc = builder.build(new URL("http://cnn.com/cnn.rss"));
out.output(doc, System.out);

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