[jdom-interest] RE: add attributes

elephantwalker elephantwalker at home.com
Sat Mar 24 18:26:27 PST 2001

I spoke too soon. The first idiom does *not* work. I may have left out a few
details also. e was an element without a parent. It appears that
e.addAttribute(new Attribute(  )) doesn't really work without a parent.

This works:


but if I leave out the removeAttribute, it doesn't work. The other comments
still apply.

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This works...

e.addAttribute(new Attribute("id",someid));

This doesn't...

e.addAttribute(new Attribute("id",someid));

this message is returned:

org.jdom.IllegalAddException: The attribute "id" could not be added to the
element "g": Duplicate attributes are not allowed

The docs indicate that the replacement logic needs to be done, so this could
be just a "feature" and development issue. Any hints on this?



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