[jdom-interest] Question

M M Islam Chisty corpsol2 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 25 10:00:47 PST 2001

I'm concerned about the following drawbacks of DOM and
-- Using DOM, random access of a XML file is possible
but it falls into these constraints:
# involves files to be memory-resident
# can't handle big files (say, 5MB, 10MB, 100MB...

-- SAX is (compared to DOM), lightweight, does not
involve memory consumption but it does not allow
random access of files.

Is it possible, using JDOM, to handle/parse a big XML
file (i.e. about 100MB, or, 1GB) very quickly? More
specifically, is it possible for me to find a certain
element's text-content (based on some attribute
values) from a large XML file within a very  short
time (say, within fraction of a second)?

With Thanks,
... Chisty

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